KawaiiChanClub on deviantart

Hiya everyone i decided to make a club for all the cute and kawaii artist on deviantart if you have an account and want to try and advertise your works check it out at this like ;3


(Everyone who joins and helps spread the kawaiiness is much appreciated)

What would you like to see me to draw?

(Peoples who’s suggestions i choose will feature a link to their tumblr via my deviantart - Its a little thank you for for support :D)

But pretty much recently I’m a little stuck for inspiration right now so care to suggest something with the theme of “kawaii” you’d like me to doodle up for fun?

Mochi’s Deviantart :3

I decided to make myself deviant art for all the cutie little pictures i draw. (I will start uploading them soon) Care to follow me there ? <3



EDIT: Thank you for following me everyone <3 xxx I really appreciate it!!!